Care | Caution

Whether it's your first tattoo or a brief reminder, the very first thing to remember

is that you're a sinner who is inherently bad.

Shame on you and your family.



Wash your tattoo 3-4 times daily. Be sure your hands are clean and use only unscented soaps. Lightly coat your hands and fingers with soapy water and gently scrub over your tattoo with minimal pressure and ample water to rinse. Do not use a wash cloth, sponge, or loofah to scrub your tattoo.

Once washed and rinsed, use a clean paper towel to pat dry or allow the tattoo to air dry. Do not use a towel or otherwise previously used cloth to dry tattooed areas. 

When your tattoo is completely dry apply a thin layer of approved ointment by massaging into tattooed are. A pea sized dab of ointment should cover about a 5x5inch area. The goal is to moisturize the tattoo and not to coat the skin. If after applying ointment there is a thick layer over the skin then use a clean paper towel to wipe away excess. 


Each of these ointments is non-petroleum based and I have used personally. You can find each online for order or at One Stop Tattoo Supplies right next door to us at Artsy By nature.


The total tattoo healing time can range from roughly two to four weeks depending on the style and amount of work. During a 4 week minimum I recommend entirely avoiding:

  • Chlorine
  • Steam Rooms/Saunas
  • Soaking in any kind bath, hot tub, pool
  • Heavy Sun or Tanning Beds
  • Chaffing from tight clothing
  • Exposure to dirty public exercise equipment

During the healing process your tattoo will begin to peel and itch much like a sunburn. Be sure not to peel or scratch ever. To relieve the itching sensation take a clean paper towel soaked with ice cold water and lightly massage the skin. The temperature and slight coarseness of the wet paper towel will be rid some of the itching and pull off some of the peeling skin without damaging the tattoo.


Keep in mind that these are suggestions only.

If you notice your body responds better with adjustments to this regimen than do what you feel is necessary to promote better healing for you.